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Flight Shipping

The cargo industry is growing day by day. Accordingly, air cargo companies are also growing. Urgent documents can be sent instantly thanks to air cargo. Because time is not lost with any bureaucratic process during packaging. This means saving time.

Cargoes going by sea may be damaged. However, experts say that air cargo is the most reliable method of transportation. Airline cargo companies can be reached via the internet.

Worldwide Cargo

Our company has the capacity to send cargo to all over the world. We prepare your important shipments that need to reach abroad with the fastest air cargo.

Affordable Air Freight

Our company provides you with the safest and most affordable prices. Those who want to benefit can contact us.

How is Packaging Made?

Air cargo is a very useful option for those who want to benefit from a fast and practical transportation system.

International Air Freight Prices

Our cargo company is pleased to offer the best service for your international cargo shipments.

Why Choose Us!

Our company has the capacity to send cargo to all over the world.
Air cargo is a very useful option. Thanks to air cargo, cargo operations can be carried out very quickly.
We prepare your important shipments that need to reach abroad with the fastest air cargo.
Those with urgent cargo and those who do not want to deal with paperwork use air cargo. Companies around the world prefer air cargo to be safe. Valuable electronic products can deteriorate if transported by sea.
Those who will use air cargo should first contact the companies. Companies make appointments for customers to deliver their cargo. Some documents need to be signed in order for the cargo to be delivered.

You can contact us 24/7.

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Use of

In order to benefit from air cargo, you must first contact the company and make an appointment.
Aircraft Cargo Pallet Dimensions
Pallets are the most important auxiliary materials used in freight transportation. Our pallet sizes vary depending on whether the cargo transportation will be used by land, sea or air.
Shipping Price Calculation
Air cargo prices vary according to many features such as the distance the cargo will travel, the material to be transported, its weight, dimensions and packaging. Air cargo price calculations can be made by specifying these features.
Price Calculation with Cargo Dimensions
While calculating the air cargo price, calculations are made according to the cargo dimensions of 300 x 200 x 160 cm. If cargo in a size above these dimensions will be sent, it will be subject to extra charges.
What are the Benefits?
*It ensures that the needs with urgent status are reached in a short time.*It provides a safe transportation service.*It is a very advantageous option for fast shipments.

What are the Benefits?

People who prefer air cargo also get the benefits of air cargo.

Some of the benefits of using air cargo service are as follows;

  • Allows urgent needs to be met in a short time.
  • Provides a safe transportation service.
  • It is a very advantageous option for fast shipments.

ETGB (Electronic Commerce Customs Declaration)

ETGB (Electronic Trade Customs Declaration)is a declaration issued electronically by express carriers, ie operators, in import and export. Cargo companies are authorized to provide fast export service with ETGB for export shipments through indirect representation.

In order to be able to micro-export, you must have some documents and documents. Among these documents;

  1. Indirect Representation Authorization Certificate,
  2. Work Order, also known as Micro Export Shipment Information Form,
  3. Original invoice approved by the Ministry of Finance,
  4. Consistent English Invoice with Turkish invoice for abroad

With all these documents in person, you can do this and its derivatives without any problems. In addition, if the limits we have specified are exceeded, the transaction will be considered as export, so it must be processed with a detailed declaration through the Customs Consultancy firm. has supported companies with successful micro-export shipments to date.


İstExpress; uluslararası evrak ve paket taşımacılığı yapan, aynı zamanda mikro ihracat kabiliyetine sahip bir yurtdışı kargo gönderimi markasıdır.

Dünyadan güçlü iş ortakları sayesinde 220 ülkeye kargo gönderimi yapmak için en ekonomik çözümleri sunan İstExpress, güvenilir ve kaliteli hizmeti ilke edinmiştir.

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