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They may need to send some products to abroad as well as domestically. It is generally possible to send almost all kinds of products abroad within certain rules.

Air Cargo
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People can be curious about many things about sending Food products to abroad. With a good courier service, cargoes can be sent to many destinations abroad in the most practical way without any problems.

It is one of the important issues at this point that food products are not damaged in any way during transportation. Our company, with its high quality transportation services, can easily deliver food products to any desired point in all respects.

If you wish, you can receive support from us for the delivery of dry food, beverages or other products to many destinations by international cargo.

International Food Shipping Prices
With international food cargo, products can be sent at any time without any hindrance or hindrance. Shipping prices for them may vary. Some factors such as the number of products, shipping location and weight, etc. affect the determination of prices at this point.

It is possible to get the clearest information about prices while receiving services from our company about sending food abroad. Based on the due diligence, we will provide you with all kinds of information on what type of amount is needed.

Overseas Food Delivery Times
It is possible to send many different types of food products such as fruit, meat or soft drinks abroad. At this point, one of the questions is how long it will take for the products to reach the opposite address.

These times may vary depending on the country, but if food shipments are made by plane, the relevant time becomes considerably shorter. Currently, our company provides a transportation service in this direction.

Sending Fruit Abroad
Sending fruit or other food products abroad is requested by many people. Companies may also need this for some of their services.

If the correct packaging and temperature balance is provided, fruit food shipments abroad can also be made successfully. If you wish, you can also hold meetings with our company for this purpose.

Overseas Food Shipping and Compliance with Legislation
It is necessary to constantly comply with legal procedures and regulations regarding the shipment of products in the form of food and especially beverages abroad. You have the opportunity to receive all professional support from our company, at any time, at the point of successful management of all processes.

Foreign Food Shipment
The product to be sent must first have a brand and a food production certificate approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. It is not possible to make a healthy shipping without these documents.

In addition to the invoice, brand, production certificate of the cargo, shelf life and packaging are also important. If the product sent is in a glass jar, there is a high probability of breakage of this product. In stacking, another load is placed on the cargo, which increases the possibility of breaking your cargo. In order to prevent this, fragile products should be crated. This may make a difference in terms of cost, but the fact that the cargo goes unharmed prevents you from losing customers. Perishable products are transported as a cold chain, except for general cargo, in specially adjusted compartments according to the temperature of the product.


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