We offer reliable road transport services in cooperation with our strong partner network.
Individual solutions tailored for freight transport projects, always with specific needs.
The best alternative for transporting large volumes of cargo at competitive prices.
storage We offer a state-of-the-art, completely secure warehouse to keep your business protected at all times.
With AEO status, we enable faster processing of customs documents and goods in order of priority.
Individual solutions tailored for freight transport projects, always with specific needs.

Why Choose Us?

Our company offers a comprehensive range of express, times and easy economy delivery services. We provide affordable postal

Quick transactions

save time

It serves with a popular team from the exit point to the entry point. Those who want to add speed to their lives and those who want to receive secure cargo service can apply to this method.


save your money

Sending cargo abroad can often be a necessary but laborious task. Our company removes these obstacles and allows you to send the most secure and affordable prices.ruf

Advanced World Network


We can deliver in 220 countries, work with the most respected suppliers in the world, and serve more than 2000 foreign trade companies. Our aim is to transport you to the world by reducing your logistics costs.

Our team

Affordable Air Freight

Sending cargo abroad can often be a necessary but troublesome task. Our company removes these obstacles and provides you with the safest and most affordable prices. You will be satisfied with the service understanding of our company for all your shipments that need to reach abroad. You can calculate cargo or track your current shipments on our website with an advanced interface.

How is Airplane Cargo Packaging Made?

Air cargo is a very useful option for those who want to benefit from a fast and practical transportation system. Thanks to air cargo, cargo operations can be carried out very quickly. Undoubtedly, the speed of air cargo is highly preferred. This causes the question of how air cargo packaging is made. Too many people know about this service and have been using it for many years. If you want to carry out your cargo work as soon as possible, you can take advantage of air cargo for this. Thanks to this way of transportation, your cargo is not only delivered quickly, but also safely.


İstExpress; uluslararası evrak ve paket taşımacılığı yapan, aynı zamanda mikro ihracat kabiliyetine sahip bir yurtdışı kargo gönderimi markasıdır.

Dünyadan güçlü iş ortakları sayesinde 220 ülkeye kargo gönderimi yapmak için en ekonomik çözümleri sunan İstExpress, güvenilir ve kaliteli hizmeti ilke edinmiştir.

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