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about us – istegönderelim

About Us

We can deliver in 220 countries, work with the most respected suppliers in the world, and serve more than 2000 foreign trade companies. Our aim is to transport you to the world by reducing your logistics costs.

Turkey’s Leading Overseas Cargo Company
2000+ customers – Delivery in 220 countries – Global Partnerships

let’s send; It is an international cargo shipping brand that carries out international document and package transportation and also has micro export capability.

Established by istegonderelim; in 2014, İstExspress Lojistik A.Ş. is located within.

Thanks to its strong business partners from around the world, istegonderelim, which offers the most economical solutions to send cargo to 207 countries, has adopted the principle of reliable and quality service.

Aiming to be your closest solution partner in international cargo shipping, IstExspress has an expert staff that can respond quickly to all the needs of the industry.

let’s ask; has started to rise with the superior marketplace solutions it offers to its customers in the micro export business, which has become increasingly important for e-commerce companies in recent years. With the technical infrastructure it provides to e-commerce companies, when a product is added to the cart, it can instantly calculate the delivery price to the address.

What is Air Cargo?

Air cargo has become popular both in our country and in the world in recent years. People who want their cargo to arrive as soon as possible prefer air cargo. Cargo can be sent both domestically and abroad by plane.

The way to go by sea in 1 month can be completed in 2 days thanks to air cargo. This allows customers to prefer air cargo. There are more than one air cargo company in our country.

Flight Shipping

The cargo industry is growing day by day. Accordingly, air cargo companies are also growing. Urgent documents can be sent instantly thanks to air cargo. Because time is not lost with any bureaucratic process during packaging. This means saving time.

Shipping by sea may be damaged. However, experts say that air cargo is the most reliable method of transportation. Airline cargo companies can be reached via the internet.


İstExpress; uluslararası evrak ve paket taşımacılığı yapan, aynı zamanda mikro ihracat kabiliyetine sahip bir yurtdışı kargo gönderimi markasıdır.

Dünyadan güçlü iş ortakları sayesinde 220 ülkeye kargo gönderimi yapmak için en ekonomik çözümleri sunan İstExpress, güvenilir ve kaliteli hizmeti ilke edinmiştir.

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