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What is Express Shipping
Express shipping is of great importance for everyone who sends abroad. Because, whether it is a person or an institution, the sender of cargo abroad wants his shipment to be at the destination address as soon as possible, even at the “Speed ​​of Light”, as the phrase goes. That’s exactly what Express cargo provides to its users.

Express cargo is the method of transportation that delivers the cargo of a person or institution that wants to send cargo abroad to its destination with the fastest international cargo service. In fact, we wouldn’t be wrong if we say the fastest international cargo.

Although the country to which the cargo will be sent is important in express cargo, which reaches the delivery speed almost on the same day, it can be sent to almost any point in the world within 1-3 working days on average. With Express cargo, the international cargo package reaches the recipient intact and on time.

Express air cargo is a mode of transportation that promises speed and security to senders. Companies that want to meet the “fastest” cargo demand, which has increased especially in recent years, provide express air cargo service by expanding their fleets day by day and increasing the number of destinations reached, ensuring that they can be reached literally anywhere in the world.

This service is also a service provided like door-to-door cargo. In order to receive your cargo that you want to be delivered at jet speed, you can call the company that will send the cargo, leave a note for your package to be received, and deliver the shipment to the incoming courier. For example, even if your package, which you have sent to Germany by air cargo, is naturally sent to the customs, after the completion of these procedures, it is taken from the customs and delivered to the destination address and door-to-door cargo service is thus obtained. Here, the comfort of both the sender and the receiver is reduced, and time loss is prevented during the delivery/receiving phase of the package, thus providing a perfect service. In the opposite case, the sender would go to the cargo company that will carry out the transport to deliver his cargo, and the recipient at the destination address would probably have to get up from the beginning of his work and enter the cargo branch in order to receive a package that will be brought to his door.

A person or institution that will send express cargo should know that there are weight and size restrictions in this service. Cargoes between 0.5 kg and 30 kg and shipments not larger than 180 cm, 240 cm and 270 cm, depending on the size of the aircraft operated by the operator, can be transported by express service.

Are Air Cargo and Express the same service?
When you think of express, air cargo immediately comes to mind. The clearest definition to explain what air cargo is; It is the transportation of the products or goods to be sent abroad by airplanes.

The most important and only difference between air cargo and express shipping is that express cargo is faster and saves the sender a significant amount of time. Apart from this, there is no distinction, advantage or disadvantage.

The area where express cargo and thus fast delivery gains the most importance is international shipments. Those who send documents or commercial products to any country in the world and want it to reach their destination as quickly as possible, choose the alternative way of using the ‘Yurtliye Express Cargo’ alternative. With overseas express cargo, it is possible to send easily from Turkey to any country or from another country to Turkey, and the shipments can be in the hands of the recipient in a short time. For this, there is nothing else you need to do other than applying to companies that perform international Express cargo delivery and delivering your package. In this way, deliveries are made within 1 business day to European countries, which are geographically close to Turkey and where flight flights are quite intense, and within 3 business days to Far East and African countries. A process that would take longer with standard service is thus shortened as much as possible.

Let’s take a look at how many days delivery can be made to Germany, the USA, China and Australia with the express service we have described so far.

Germany: 1 working day on average

USA: 2 business days on average

China: 2 business days on average

Australia: 3 working days on average.

At this point, it should be noted that the distance of the country to which the international cargo will be sent and the flight frequency affect the delivery time.

How are Express Cargo prices determined?
In Express service, shipping costs are slightly higher than other international shipping methods.

Express shipments are basically evaluated as under 30 kg and over 30 kg, and the price is determined by looking at it. The weight limit for exits to be made by issuing a single bill of lading is 300 kilos.

Express shipping fees are the most important issue in international shipments. Cargo fees vary according to the distance of the country to which the package is sent, as well as the frequency of flights to that country, but first of all, the weight of the shipment. The heaviest cargo will have the highest express shipping rates, while light shipments will have lower rates.

Express Companies
There are important cargo companies that provide express cargo service worldwide. These companies, which have their own fleet of aircraft;

It can be listed as FEDEX.
In Turkey, PTT’s TURPEX service awaits its customers in express shipments.

TNT, a Netherlands-based company, promises door-to-door international delivery to over 200 countries. While making this promise, it claims to be the fastest and optionally deliver on the same day.

With the acquisition of TNT Express by FEDEX in 2015, the great power that came to the world has also covered Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific countries, China and South America. In the service provided by TNT, it provides optional guaranteed morning delivery, door-to-door service, online cargo tracking as well as additional services.

Founded in 1971 under the name of Federal Express, FEDEX is also one of the world’s largest fast cargo companies, introducing express cargo delivery to the world. With the incorporation of TNT in 2015, it became one of the biggest and started its cargo service by transporting cargo to 25 cities in the USA, making it covers the whole world.

Today, the company provides express cargo services to customers in 220 countries and regions around the world with 669 aircraft.

Founded in 1969, DHL is an American-based German logistics company. DHL express, which delivers 1.5 million parcels per year, is also very assertive in cargo shipments. While DHL stands out as the world’s largest logistics company, especially in air cargo, the Company delivers 1.3 billion parcels per year.

With 380 thousand employees in more than 220 countries and regions around the world, the company ensures that DHL express shipments are on-site.

UPS Express is the cargo/courier company with the oldest history among its competitors. Founded in the USA in 1907, the company today delivers 2.8 million packages and documents daily. UPS Express, which carries out 1090 international flights daily, is committed to delivering the fastest way to 220 countries of the world.

UPS Express enables international cargo to be delivered to every address in North America and Europe with express speed in more than 220 countries and regions.

Finally, let’s talk about the TURPEX service provided by PTT since 2013 under the title of PTT Express. PTT makes a delivery time commitment in the “TURPEX” service. And in this time, it delivers international cargo.

With the PTT express cargo service, documents, documents, souvenirs, international paid-free and temporary export goods, products and publications can be sent by promoting them at fairs and exhibitions. The tracking of the package sent with PTT Express cargo provided by the institution within the scope of international cargo services can be done from the “Shipment Tracking” tab. However, PTT’s express service is still a service where delivery takes a little longer than companies that provide international cargo services. For example, a cargo sent to Germany with this service arrives at the destination address within 3 days.

China Express cargo figures have been showing a serious upward trend in recent years. Those who want to send cargo to China, which is Turkey’s third largest trading partner in the world and the largest in East Asia, will want to overcome the distance of more than 7 thousand kilometers between Istanbul and Beijing by plane and will choose the way to send their shipments as soon as possible by using China express cargo service. .

It is observed that there has been an increase in Izmir Express cargo transactions depending on the export potential of the city. In addition to being the largest city in the Aegean Region, Izmir is also the 4th most exported city in Turkey, and both sea, land and airways are used to send shipments abroad. In this respect, Izmir Express, which is among the lucky cities of Turkey, connects to the world in the easiest, fastest and safest way with its cargo service.

With Express cargo tracking, you can track your shipment step by step from the moment it leaves you until it reaches the destination address.

With global cargo shipping companies, you can track your package from Turkey to any country in the world or from abroad to Turkey via express cargo.

The only thing you need to be able to track express cargo for any cargo you send or expect with DHL, FEDEX, TNT and UPS express cargo is the barcode, the cargo tracking number, that the courier sticks on the parcel or envelope when receiving the package.

If you are a person or institution that receives service from global cargo companies, all you need to do for express cargo inquiry is to enter the website of the company you are sending to and click on the shipment tracking tools tab.

When you come to this tab, it will be enough to write your tracking number completely and correctly in the box that appears and press the “Follow” button.

You can do multiple tracking by typing 10 tracking numbers on the DHL cargo inquiry screen.

For TNT Express cargo tracking, it will be sufficient to enter the company’s website, write the tracking or reference number where necessary and say “Call”.

In FEDEX Express shipment tracking, it will be sufficient to write the barcode number of up to 30 shipments in the place on the tracking page and press the “Tracking” tab.

For UPS cargo tracker, you don’t need any information other than having the inquiry number.

In addition to tracking Express cargo, branches of the sending company can also receive service from applications downloaded to smartphones. Thus, with an effective tracking, the arrival date of the international shipment to the destination address can be learned. Of course, with this treatment, only information about the arrival date of the cargo is not obtained. If there is any delay in the delivery of the cargo, it becomes possible to find out the reasons for this delay, find a solution and prevent the delay. For example, the delay experienced due to a problem at the customs can be learned by tracking and the problem can be eliminated.

Express cargo is not the only person or institution that sends the tracking process. The recipient, to whom the cargo tracking number is sent, can also follow the shipment to find out when the package he expects will be in his hands. For example, if the buyer wants the part needed for a production, he/she can learn the average time of arrival of the part he/she expects by online express cargo tracking and can create his/her business plan according to this information. In the event of a delay, he can reach the sender of the cargo and find out the reason for the delay, and if he has things to do to eliminate the delay, he can do these. In the light of this information, the buyer, who learns that the shipment has arrived in the country where the shipment is located, can choose to receive the package himself, without waiting for the door-to-door delivery.


The cargo companies we mentioned, which have a worldwide organization, also have branches in Turkey. However, if you want express shipments from Turkey to any country or from any country to Turkey, your destination is Kargomkolay.

With its solution partnership with DHL, UPS, TNT and FEDEX, Kargomkolay delivers your international shipments at more economical prices using the services of these companies. Personalized service as well.


If we come to the overseas cargo price list of express shipments to 219 countries with Kargomkolay. After entering our homepage, you can find out how much your cargo will be sent for.

When you click on the “calculate price” button on the main page, you must first provide the desired destination country and the weight of the cargo on the page that appears.

For example, if you give the information that you will send a cargo of 10 kilograms to Germany, your name, surname and the phone number to be reached, you will see the shipping fee.

When you enter all the information correctly and click the “show prices” button, you will learn that a 10 kilogram shipment to Germany can be sent for 122. 10 Euros.

In the light of all this information, all you have to do now is to call a courier to deliver your cargo, and it’s our job to think about the future.


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